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Established in CANADA NORTH AMERICA Our modern and interactive approach to this business is to Give our value Customer a batter serves and quality Food that is way we care so much about our customer Click Here













Ali Food Catering

Hot Meat Options

• Gourmet Burgundy Beef Pies
(Our classic flaky pastry, with premium beef, served with Tomato Relish)
• Chinese Chilli Meatball - (M)
Chinese spices and crisp water chestnuts with just a touch of Chilli
• Tuna Mornay Open Tartlets - (M)
An open tartlet made with a fresh pastry, filled with a creamy tuna and vegetable mix
• Lime Duck Balls - (M)
Breast of Duck with native lime infused into the meatball
• Grilled and glazed prawn skewers - (M)
Market fresh prawns, placed on skewers and served with a honey soy glaze .
• Pork and Lemongrass Spring Roll
A very special mix of pork and the intense fresh lemongrass taste make for a refreshing take on
a classic favorite! .
• Chinese Chicken Dumplings(M)
Authentic Chinese style pastry dumpling with chicken and crispy Asian vegetables .
• Marinated lamb cutlets - (M)
Garlic and herb marinated cutlets, fresh from the grill! Served in a Greek style with Tzatziki dip .
• Satay Chicken Skewers - (M)
An authentic Thai dish, Served with a satay dipping sauce
• Thai Chicken & Basil Pattie - (M)
A chicken patty with the fresh Flavors of coriander, basil, lemon and red curry .
• Butter Chicken Rote - (M)
Toasted almonds and fresh chicken gently cooked in a creamy tomato and yogurt sauce, wrapped in a light rote bread
• Polpettini - (M)
A classic Italian Flavored meatball with a blend of veal, mushroom, and fresh herbs .
• Salmon Involtini - (M)
Smoked Salmon and garlic and lime dressing wrapped in a pastry involtini dough
• Marinated Barramundi sticks - (M)
Served on a kebab style, a stick of grilled Barramundi, marinated in Coriander and garlic .
• Chipolata Sausages - (M)
Small Italian style sausages served with onion jam & horseradish cream - straight from the grill
• Peppered Beef Mignon - (M)
Scotch fillet steak wrapped in bacon and served on a toothpick with a peppered Béarnaise sauce
• Miniature Chicken Pie
Petite in size, tasty and attractive looking pie with an interesting creamy chicken filling
• Salt and Chilli Squid Tentacles - (M)
 Crispy squid tentacles with salt and Chilli batter
• Stuffed Mushrooms with Blue Cheese and Bacon - (M OR V)
Small Finger food size mushrooms, stuffed with rich and creamy textured blue cheese and bacon

Hot Meat Options(cont’)

• Miniature crab cakes - (M)
Fresh mud crab served in a finger food sized portions and served with a herb mayonnaise
• San Chow Boi - (M)
Pork and Chinese vegetables in a Chinese bbq style mixture served in individual lettuce cups
• Peking Duck Pancakes - (M)
Authentic Peking duck recipe, with a hoi sin sauce, cucumber and other Asian vegetables wrapped in a pastry pancake)
• Crispy Squid and Noodle Balls
 Balls of fresh squid and rice noodles, deep fried and crispy outer.
• Chicken and Mushroom Filo
 Creamy chicken and mushroom in a white wine sauce, within a flaky filo pastry.
• Moroccan Lamb Puff
Pastry filo puffs with a spicy lamb in a Moroccan style marinate.
• Satay Beef Skewer Authentic
Thai style beef served and presented on a skewer with a peanut satay dipping sauce.
• Crunchy Red Lentil Fritter with fresh mint
Crisp and crunchy style red lentils in a deep fried fritter topped with fresh mint.
• Lamb Kofta
A Middle Eastern meatball, served on skewers. Rich flavors from South Asia / Middle East.
• Crispy Scallops
Crumbed scallops, with a creamy aioli dipping sauce.
• Chicken Dumpling
An Asian style dumpling with chicken, mushroom, and water chestnut.
• Bacon Wrapped Sirloin with Gorgonzola
A sirloin steak, wrapped in bacon with a creamy gorgonzola cheese, served on skewers.
• Franks in Blanket
A classic finger food, of hot dogs, wrapped in a pastry and served with a house made tomato relish.
• Garlic glazed lamb, feta, lemon thyme tart
Roasted lamb, glazed with a honey, garlic and rosemary, served with feta, lemon and thyme in a pastry tart.
• Chorizo, leek & charred bell pepper tartlet
A pastry tartlet, with chorizo, leek, and bell pepper, with boccocini cheese.
• Honey orange glazed pork skewer, crisp ginger speckles
 A zesty marinate of orange and honey, glazed over a pork and ginger combination on a skewer.
• Scallop brochettes with fresh lemon
Served hot, fresh scallops served on skewers/brochettes drizzled with fresh lemon
• Rare seared tuna with wasabi and crouton
Seared fresh Tasmanian tuna, served rare with a tangy wasabi topping
• Duck rillettes with salsa Verde
Duck Rillettes / Pate served on an individual Melba toasts, topped with an Italian salsa Verde .
• Chicken and camembert parcel
A creamy mixture of chicken with camembert in a filo pastry parcel.

Hot Meat Options (cont’)

• Stuffed Chilies
 A Mexican style finger food, baby chilies, with a chilly con carne style filling
• Bacon, spinach and haloumi roll

Short cut prime bacon, chopped spinach and haloumi in a small individual roll
• Pork and veal sausage rolls

Although often considered a basic option, these sausage rolls are a take on the old classic. A mixture of prime pork and veal in a buttery flaky pastry.
• Polenta wedges with boccincini pesto and basil
Crispy shallow fried polenta wedges, topped with a melting boccocini pesto and basil mixture.
• Thai fish bites flavored with ginger, coriander and coconut
Thai fish cakes, topped with a ginger, coriander and coconut topping
• Moroccan chicken balls served with minted yoghurt
Spicy Moroccan chicken bites, served with a soothing minted Mediterranean style yoghurt dip .
• Prawn en croute served with wasabi mayonnaise
Fresh prawns, wrapped in pastry and baked, served with a wasabi infused mayonnaise .
• Szechuan pepper chicken with tomato chilly jam
An Asian pepper style chicken pieces, served with a bush tomato chilly jam
• Chicken Shu Mai
Premium dim sim style chicken, served with a Vietnamese dipping sauce .
• Baby lamb and mint meat pies
Medium-Rare lamb and mint infused mini meat pies.
• Chicken and lemongrass wonton
Chicken infused with a lemongrass Asian style wonton dumpling.
• Prawn, Scallop and Ginger spring roll
Queensland Prawns, Scallops and a zesty ginger in premium spring rolls.
Grilled and glazed prawn skewers

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All About Ali
Ostad (Shihan )Ali Babri's career Began at the Yong age in the Port of Anzali


Apame  Established in I.R.IRAN Our modern and interactive approach to this business is to give our value Customer a batter serves and quality food that is way we care so much about our customer.

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